Social Media can be incredibly useful for an actor to make connections, help brand themselves, and really showcase who they are. Creating a great online presence certainly takes work and can be a daunting task but is definitely worth it to devise.

Showcase Your Work

Social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, and Vimeo are a great place for actors to showcase their talents and projects. It is important that you make sure the content you are putting out is wellmade, rehearsed, and something you are proud of and represents your currently as an actor. While a homemade video from a middle school play might be great for memories, it’s certainly not the type of content that you would want talent scouts or directors watching to assess your talents. A facebook page is also a great way create an online presence by creating a public facebook page. This allows you to separate your personal life and friends on your original facebook page from your professional one.

Get Noticed

Your online presence not only gets you noticed by fans but also helps you catch the eye of agents, casting directors, and can possibly lead you to your next audition or even big role. The image that you are putting out on social media can certainly get you noticed, so you want to make sure you are getting noticed in a good way. Put your portfolio, headshots, and resume on a website and add the link in when you send your resume and headshots out. This will give you a leg up on the competition and also showcase your talent on an easy to read and view platform. Seeing your accomplishments on paper is good but seeing accomplishments in video form, etc. helps bring these things to life and really shows them what you can do.


Building an online presence is important but it is also important that you are building one that represents you well as an artist and person. Make sure to clean up anything that doesn’t relate to the current image you are trying to portray such as ‘for fun’ videos. Make sure to truly craft your bios and make sure the videos, blogs, and content you are producing are what you’d want potential employers to see. While a middle school play video may be a good memory, it doesn’t necessarily portray where you are now in your career. Make sure to have your agent take a double look at your properties as well.