When you think about actors and entrepreneurs, not many similarities come to mind. Both professions have different job duties and require different personalities to perform their job. Although there are some differentiating factors in job duties, actors can learn a lot from entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs have to be able to network to survive. Fostering relationships and being available to customers and professionals is a huge part of an entrepreneurs job. This article will dive into how actors can learn essential networking skills and implement them in their search for work.

Offer Services

Entrepreneurs can spin an opportunity for them as an opportunity for their customer. Actors should do the same thing. Instead of thinking “what can I get out of this?” think along the lines of “what can I offer to them?” This way of thinking will keep you in the right mindset when interacting with potential producers or directors for work. Having the right mindset will humble yourself when connecting with other professionals. As an actor, you do not want to come off arrogant or conceited. Consider using this tactic help your chances of forming meaningful and lasting relationships.

Social Media

Social media platforms have become a staple in reaching out to customers and getting your name out on the market. More and more people are online and using social media. This is a step that is extremely important to market yourself. Careers can be made online through social media platforms for actors and artists. Utilize this aspect of the business, and it can reap significant rewards for you as an actor.

Treat Others Equally

As an actor, you may come across directors, performers, or producers that are well known in the business. Be careful not to be star-struck when one of the big wigs of the business approach you. The high ups of the acting world are people just as you are and want to be treated as such. Your perspective of important people in the industry matters, but do not allow it to take over your interaction with them, or it could hinder your job prospects. The VIP is used to receiving fan girl like praise. Detach yourself from the normal praise they get and talk to them like they are your peers.

Be Thoughtful

Keep in contact with your established relationships. A friend who is a producer just signed in for a 2 season series, congratulate them and let them know you are happy for them. This will continually put you on the radar with them, and they may just recommend you for a role the next time around.

All of these skills are essential in acting and entrepreneurial work. Study how entrepreneurs work and develop business plans and tailor your efforts to them.