There are plenty of online resources for actors to land an acting gig. The massive amount of websites and blogs for actors can be overwhelming. This article will help you decipher through all of the websites so you can utilize the best ones to find the right acting gig for you.




One of the more popular websites for actors is IMDB. IMDB accounts are made for many actors and can host all of your credentials on one single page. IMDB does charge you to receive the Pro membership, but it is worth the cost with all of the add-ons you get when purchasing it. You can upload a wide array of different things to the site to help you stand out in the crowd. Upload headshots, demo reels, a resume, links, and more to the site to maximize your Pro membership abilities.


The original magazine for all prospective actors has now taken its resources to the web for everyone to use. Backstage offers free membership and a paid membership its site. The paid membership will allow you access to all casting calls while the free one limits you to only some. Backstage is a great resource for the seasoned actor and someone who is just starting to get their feet wet with acting. Upload all of your credentials to get the most out of this site.


Actors Access


It’s always a good thing to have yourself out there on multiple websites and platforms as an actor. is a wonderful source for actors of all varieties. Registering for the site is free and comes with a limited amount of work that you can upload to the site. After the max is reached for the uploaded material, you can continue to upload material through a payment option. Video, photos, audio, and another resume are all options you can purchase to upload to the site. is not a networking site for actors but can be a useful tool for anyone wanting to learn more about a specific area of study. has professionals in all different fields make videos about their work and how to do. You can find many areas of study such as Tennis to cooking, to acting and filmmaking. The online resource is great for anyone wanting to learn more about a specific field of study, including acting!