Training The Actor

An acting degree and an entrepreneurship path have a lot of similar skills in common that are needed. Having a theatre degree can certainly give you the leg up in the field of entrepreneurship and help propel your business plan to the next level.


In theatre, improvisation is a skill that is constantly worked on. You never know when something might go off script in a play and some of the best scenes in movies have actually come out of actors improvising on set. In relation to entrepreneurship you need to be able to think quick on your feet at any stage of your career whether you’re trying to sell your idea, promote your business, or run your own business.

Hard Work

Both people pursuing a career in theatre as well as entrepreneurs know how hard it is to ‘make it’ in their career. They know the hard work that is going to come with going to auditions/meetings as well as how hard it is just to get your foot in the door to go to those. Both careers require you to go after your dream in order to create the career that you want.

Public Speaking

Public speaking is a skill needed across all careers but especially in entrepreneurship. You will constantly have to give presentations in front of investors, partners, as well as future employees. An acting degree teaching you how to pitch and self yourself so that people are inspired and you sound knowledgeable in your field instead of nervous and unsure. People are investing in your idea as well as investing in you so they want to see someone confident and in charge. A theatre degree helps you develop your presence as well as turn on the charm.


Learning to not be put down by rejection but rather take it as a learning experience is an enviable trait that both actors and entrepreneurs must have in order to continue in their fields. It is important to stay motivated and understand that there are 100s of people in the same position going after rolls or business deals just like you. Learning to take rejection and criticism is a key skill to have in the entrepreneurship field that you can learn from a theatre background.

A theatre degree can help a person wanting to pursue entrepreneurship certainly have a leg up on other people in the industry. These skills are all invaluable to being successful.