Tips For Finding An Agent

Trying to achieve new heights in your acting career without an agent can feel like scaling a cliff without equipment: a frantic crawl in search of connective outcroppings. In careful patterns, you move for your life, and when you can’t get a grip, you’re forced to toss logic away for a grand, flailing reach fueled by adrenaline of pure instinct.

As you rise slowly, precariously, you’ll notice other climbers speed by, supported by helpful systems of picks, ropes and pulleys. You’ll see they have spotters on the ground, watching their movements. When the way ahead seems impassable, the spotters point out alternative routes. Knowing that should they fall, they’ll be stabilized and set right allows properly equipped climbers to make quick, fearless, and consistent progress.

In acting, a pro agent is the spotter guiding your ascent to professional success. Their industry footholds will net you roles that are not only lucrative, but precisely suited to your strengths. However, finding the ideal agent means convincing a professional talent spotter of your ability to outshine other industry climbers, and reach the peak of profitability. Consider the following tips, and you’ll be one step closer to winning yourself a trustworthy, supportive agent.

Think About Relocating To LA

People looking to gain serious representation need to prove themselves equally committed to acting. It’s no secret that Hollywood is the global nucleus of film and TV. Hollywood agents fish tomorrow’s superstars from a nearly bottomless pool of candidates; the endlessly fresh talent is precisely why talent agents are concentrated so densely in LA. There’s a good reason many assume you’re interested in acting if you mention a move to LA; it’s because a network of Hollywood connections is often what it takes to break into a premier agency.

Watch Out For Scams

Much like sharks smell blood in water, Hollywood grifters can effortlessly sniff out new blood on the block; fake agents are almost an epidemic in LA, however, you can protect yourself simply by learning their tells. Fraud giveaways include asks for fees upfront, requiring expensive workshops/services, or suggesting a steeper cut than the industry standard of 10%. SAG-AFTRA certification is a (near) universal indicator of legit agents, however not all reputable representation will be certified. Researching agents online prior to meeting is a great way to determine intents and avoid scammers.

Advertise Yourself (The Right Way)

A strong acting kit which includes a resume, headshots, and a demo reel of previous work is a marketing staple for actors; you can submit your kit, as well as a (short) cover letter to agents of interest by traditional mail, although online submission may be easier. Showcases, or brief collaborations designed to highlight actors’ skills, are another key advertising method for actors. Aspiring actors should also consider attending industry networking events, especially those frequented by people with agency connections, as these could potentially lead to a professional recommendation.