Los Angeles and New York city are enormous cities to go to if you are looking to be involved in the acting world. You will find the most opportunities for acting in either of these cities. But, There has always been a debate about which city is more beneficial in opening doors for actors. This article explains a bit about why living near either of these cities will help you become more noticed as an actor or actress.

Los Angeles

LA is home to many prominent movie production companies. 20th Century Fox, Paramount, Warner Brothers, and Disney all have roots over on the west coast. The four monster movie production companies easily give anyone interested in big screen acting the opportunity to be near casting calls for any upcoming films. Los Angeles is also known for its beautiful weather year round. Hitting highs up into the 70’s even in the winter months is the norm in Los Angeles. Although warm weather and big film companies close by are a plus, you will need to have some means of transportation to get you to one audition to the next. Los Angeles is not nearly as compact as New York City. Los Angeles is suggested to have significantly lower rent for one-bedroom apartments than New York. Unfortunately, the savings you will have from going to LA instead of NY will go towards the car that you will inevitably have to purchase to make it in time to your auditions.

New York

New York City is home to many acting opportunities and holds an understanding of being a leader in entertainment on the east coast. New York is home to Broadway which is ideal for anyone looking to pursue an acting career in live theatre. New York is also known for their harsh winters and drastic changes in seasons. Compared to Los Angeles, you can tell the difference in seasons by just looking at a shot of New York City. Snow is a common occurrence in these winter months. If you hate the cold, then New York may not be the best place to live to find acting jobs. A benefit of living in New York city is that everything is within walking distance of each other. You would be able to walk from one audition to the next with ease in the compact streets of New York. Owning a car is optional. Besides the cold weather and auditions close by, New York has great food everywhere. Even if you are just visiting, it is highly recommended that you grab a slice of New York style pizza before you leave.

Ultimately, the decision whether or not to live in the City of Angels or The Big Apple is up to you. Depending on what your goals are as an actor should help define what kind of city you want to live near. Both are incredible cities with a wealth of opportunities for actors and actresses.