How To Promote Yourself (1)

When you are an actor or actress looking to break out into the industry it is essential that you make sure you are marketing yourself and getting your resume, head shots, work, and experience out there so you can advance in your career. You never know who can come across your stuff and help you land your next gig because they like your experience. While having an agent is great, you will still want to do extra things to promote yourself.

1.Have Strong Materials

Your resume, headshot, and demo reel are all essential to your career. This is what gets you into the door of an audition and noticed by directors. Your first impression will be made with these materials so make sure to take the time to make them strong and that they represent how you want to be seen. Being professional with these are key and will help you land the right roles that will advance your career. Don’t over fluff, directors will know you are lying. Instead emphasize your skills if you don’t have a lot of experience and use your newness to the industry to your advantage

2. Social Media

While tweeting and making connections on Facebook may not seem essential, building an online presence is a great way to promote yourself. Joining communities on google and posting in them can help lead you to know about an audition that is happening or perusing Facebook groups to find open auditions. In addition, tweeting out the link to your website or resume, can help you reach your target audience and reach key industry contacts. Starting a blog can also gain attraction to your website and portfolio.

3. Relationships

As I wrote in my previous blog, (link to networking blog) networking and forming relationships is key to promoting yourself in the industry and gaining contacts. You never know who could be a valuable connection or when you’ll meet them. Always has a business card or if possible, your resume on hand to give someone. Don’t limit yourself to your circle of friends either, branch out to new places and form more relationships.

4. Get An Agent

Easier said than done, but getting an agent who is working towards helping you build your career is an essential to promoting yourself. They have contacts, experience, and credentials that you do not. In addition, if you have an agent promoting yourself and you are promoting yourself that’s double the chance of getting an audition and landing the part.

Promoting yourself is important to get your name out in the industry. This will help you land auditions and get parts that you wouldn’t normally know about. It takes a lot of work but is definitely worth it to build up your personal brand so you can build up your resume.