What is the difference between an entrepreneur and an intrapreneur? This is a question that is commonly asked by people. Intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs are very different from the average employee in a business. This article will expand upon what the differences are of an intrapreneur and an entrepreneur and what roles they play in a business.




An intrapreneur is a less known term for non-business professionals. Intrapreneurs play a huge part in the success of a business. An entrepreneur and an intrapreneur work hand in hand to ensure creating and sustaining a company goes smoothly. An intrapreneur helps the business move along its path in becoming more successful. Some jobs responsibilities that an intrapreneur may have been dealing with the innovation of a product or service to help benefit the company. An intrapreneur works within the confines of a business model. Intrapreneurs use the resources available to them from a business to expand on organizational systems and efficiency of the company. An intrapreneur cannot work on their own as an entrepreneur can. Intrapreneurs face much less risk in losing their jobs than an entrepreneur does. Some intrapreneurs are highly skilled in specific areas that can help businesses with product innovation and evaluating processes.




Entrepreneurs are the more common term known by non-business professionals. Entrepreneurs will face many different problems and situations than an intrapreneur does. The main difference between an entrepreneur and an intrapreneur is that an entrepreneur looks to start a business from the ground up. A multitude of problems and risks are put in front of an entrepreneur when they are starting a business. Setbacks are frequent for entrepreneurs, and the outcome is sometimes unpredictable. Entrepreneurs are at risk to lose everything if they fail. Intrapreneurs look at things on a much smaller scale in the business where entrepreneurs have to consider big picture ideas and strategies.


Although the job responsibilities of an entrepreneur and an intrapreneur are different, they possess similar characteristics. Each business professional needs to have passion and motivation to drive the business to succeed. Both business professionals need to be working in cooperation with each other to ensure adequate strategies and long-term business growth. Entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs work as partners in the sustainability of the business and should be conversing daily to support each other.