Making a film is a difficult task. As an actor, you don’t necessarily have to deal with some of the nuances that come along with making the film, rather just acting in the film which is difficult in its own right! Some of the people behind the scenes go unnoticed and help immensely in making the film what it is. This article will talk about some career paths that are behind the scenes during the making of a film.




Being a producer is the equivalent of being a Chief Operations Officer for a business. As a producer, you have the responsibility to oversee the entire production and that everything goes smoothly. A career as a producer is not for someone who strays away from stressful situations or a poor organizer. People interested in becoming a producer will need to have a strong grasp on the technical aspect of filmmaking and some business experience.




The top dog on set is the director. One of the most difficult yet rewarding jobs in filmmaking. The director must have a grasp on the film, the actors, the characters, and all technical procedures to be able to successfully capture the portrayed meaning of a film. There is a massive creative aspect to being the director from the actors to the filming itself. Directors can make executive decisions about how they want scenes to look, or how they want actors to act. A strong relationship is necessary between the actors and the director as well as the producer. Prior experience as a director is a must, and most production companies require you to have some formal education whether it be a BFA or MFA in directing.


Set Designer


Designing and building the sets for a movie is an art in itself. As a set designer, it is your job to develop and create pieces of the set that can be used by the talent and crew. You will be working with the director to accomplish specific goals and what his vision is. This job requires a lot of creativity and no two days are the same. There is no required level of education for being a set designer, but it does require experience. It is completely possible to start from scratch with being a set designer in smaller productions like live theatre and working your way up to film set designs.


These are just a few career paths that are available behind the scenes of a film. There are plenty of other professions that I did not mention that deserve just as much credit helping to put a film together.