So you landed the part? That is awesome news! The unfortunate news is that the hardwork and sweat is far from over. However, your hard work will definitely pay off and you are one step closer to your goal. To lessen the stress of the first day on set here are some tips to remember as well as mistakes not to make.

  • Memorize Your Lines – When you are on set working on an hour TV show or the first scene of a movie rehearsal time is going to be very limited. Most likely there will be one run through so everyone gets positions and a feel for the setting and then filming will start. It is crucial that you know all of your lines well, it’s not going to look good on your first day of set when they constantly need to stop so someone can feed you lines.
  • Be Prepared For Long Hours – Call times don’t necessarily mean that you are going to be performing at the specific time on set. In fact, many times you are sitting around for hours or all day waiting for your part or on hold in case they need to refilm your scene. While food is sometimes provided it is important to come prepared with snacks and water or other fluids as well as something to do such as memorizing your script more, bringing a computer, or bringing a book.
  • Be Nice To Everyone – long days on set can be hard and people can certainly get under your skin. However it is important to remember that everyone from assistants to tech to directors play an extremely important part in making the production a success. Actors and Actresses who are cranky and ‘divas’ on set are certainly not people that want to be worked with. Always maintain a professional attitude and never talk badly about anyone, even if you think you are in private. You never know who can hear or who your words will get back to.
  • Enjoy! – Your first day on set will go by faster than you know. While it may be overwhelming, it is important to remember to enjoy the day and take in everything that you can. You landed the part and should certainly celebrate that you are making your goals and dreams in the acting industry come true. Ask for advice, introduce yourself to everyone, and learn from everyone that you can.

While your first day on set can definitely be intimidating, remember you were picked for the part and deserve to be there. Be prepared for the unexpected (everything will not go as planned) and make sure to enjoy the filming process.